ILGMU Grease PCS7 monitoring system, Exxon Mobil

ILGMU Grease PCS7 monitoring system

Exxon Mobil Mex June 2018, Based on our experience from projects such as upgrading the conventional grease unit (CGU) at Exxon Mobil, ILGMU commissioning and start up, (more…)
Blending system modification, Exxon Mobil

Modifying a tank to connect it to the existing blending system

Client: Exxon Mobil Asher

The 24th of March 2015 Certain modifications were required to be made on a tank in order to be able to connect it to the existing blending system. These modifications mostly included installing instrumentation. (more…)
Development of a control system for the ILGMU, Exxon Mobil

Development of the control system for the in line grease manufacturing unit (ILGMU). EXXON MOBIL MEX terminal

Based on our wide experience in the lube oil and grease plants industries we were chosen to develop this control system. This project is based on the Siemens PCS7 system.