Our Project

Energy saving

10kW  on-grid PV  solar system, Exxon Mobil 

Storage And Handling

Supply of Radar Tank Gauging systems, Nasr Petroleum Company, Suez

level montioring system, Life chemicals



S7 1500 based control system for Aviation Fuel Stations at Dirab Air Base, KSA for the Saudi Military Forces

Installation of the conveying system for the baggage handling system West Cairo

Metering systems and skids

Metering skids, Petromaint/ Misr petroleum

Metering lines , Total  Suez/ Misr petroleum

Coriolos flow meters , Co-Op blending 

Blending And Transfer

In-line grease manufacturing unit (ILGMU). EXXON MOBIL MEX terminal

ILGMU Grease PCS7 monitoring system EXXON MOBIL 

Blending system modification, EXXON MOBIL MEX terminal

Automatic Control System

Supply, Upgrade and Commissioning of a PLC panel for six new silos, ACICO, Kuwait

 Supply of temperature control valves , Exxon Mobil

Engine control system, Mantrac

Software redundancy PLC control system, AirLiquide

electrical installations, ARCO Steel