Software redundancy PLC control system, Jushi

Software redundancy PLC control system for Jushi Sokhna VSA project

Client: AirLiquide In this project we supplied, programmed, commissioned and started up a complete software redundant PLC system for Jushi Sokhna VSA projects at Airliquide. (more…)
Supply of temperature control valves, Exxon Mobil

Supply of temperature control valves alongside modifying the PLC and SCADA programs

Client: Exxon Mobil Asher The 3rd of October 2018 During this project we supplied temperature control valves to control the temperature of tanks, also the PLC and SCADA programs had to be modified to be compatible with the new hardware. (more…)
Engine control system, Mantrac

Engine control systems and alarm shutdown panels for boasting stations at Tazama

Client: Mantrac 22nd of May 2016 During this project Soulintec supplied 4 engine control systems, 1 alarm shutdown panel and 1 boasting station for Tazama’s pipeline control system. (more…)
Electrical installations at ARCO steel

Electrical installations at ARCO Steel (11 Feb 2016)

This project aimed to replace old CPU racks and ET 200 panels, the new system will use S7 400 racks. (more…)
PLC control system for 6 new silos

Supply, Upgrade and Commissioning of a PLC panel for six new silos, ACICO, Kuwait

To accommodate instrumentation and control signals at a new cement silo at the Shuaiba plant, Soulintec engineered a PLC I/O panel and modified the existing PLC program and SCADA GUIs.