Calibration Brochure

Soulintec -Encon can deliver an unbiased and independent solution to calibration of flow measurement instruments ,pressure instruments temperature instruments,weight scales and standard weights as we are the market leaders through the past 30 years .we are also authorized from the Egyptian jewelry and stamping authority to calibrate flow meters ,weight scales and pascol scales.Soulintec-Encon is officially accredited by the EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council) according to ISO 17025:2017 for Soulintec-Encon’s own calibration laboratory CAB#420005 .EGAC is established and recognized by the Presidential Decree number 312/1996 as the sole national body for the assessment and accreditation of conformity assessment bodies in Egypt performing testing /calibration Laboratories, inspection and certification of products & systems as well as personnel. EGAC is headed by the Minister of Trade & Industry and governed by a board of 14 members, representing all stakeholders and concerned bodies.EGAC is an ILAC MRA Signatory in the field of Calibration and testing labs accreditation .

Calibration department scope of work:

1. Calibration of Prover Tank
2. Calibration of Master Meter against Prover tank
3. Calibration of Master Meter against weight scale
4. Calibration of flow meter against master meter
5. Calibration of Flow meter against weight scale
6. Calibration of weight scales
7. Calibration of Pascol Scale
8. Calibration of temperature devices to be instruments.

9. Calibration of Pressure Relief Valves
10. Calibration of Breathing Valves
11. Calibration of highly precise temperature devices ( using the most updated meteorology wells with the least uncertainty in the market 0.03)